Monday, October 30, 2006

Exciting news in education!!

Well there it is!!

Finally people in schools in the NT can share resources simply and effectively via a linked server system...

This has been promised for years and has not really been realised until this year. The big question is; "How many teachers will actually know how to take full advantage of this?"

In my opinion it is a marvellous way for new teachers to accrue resources etcetera and also for people to share ideas of things that work.

Fear not i will keep you posted on my perceptions of how i see it to be working; mind you as a paltry relief teacher i may not actually see that much!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Taking the pesss!

So at Gapuwiyak there's a scottish blog called Stephen who is a barrel of
laughs! He refers to lots of things as "wee". eg. "There's this wee kid
in my class..." "He had a wee bag..." "You can have this wee onion...".

So today he says; "Be careful that puppy smells like pish" I think he was
trying to slightly censor that word in case the kids sitting at assembly
nearby overheard.

So i said; "That would make it a wee puppy!"

Boom boom!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

welcome spambusters!

Hey! Just a message to all the people who got my little diatribe about
email spam and ended up here checking my blog. Can u do me one more favour
and post a comment on this post and say hi just so i can see who actually
made it here!?

U can post anonymously or as a blogger or indeed just flagrantly advertising
your own website etc!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Multicultural festival in Vegas!!


The multicultural festival in Brisbane has come to an end
again! It was on last Sunday and a great time was had by
all (except the girl who had her mobile stolen)! :(

I had the pleasure of looking after the Singh Sisters on
Monday for the school programme; great fun to see Parvan
and Harsel in action ! Although i was concerned with their
welfares with the hot and dry day we had!

Also managed to head to a Sikh Mass that night to see Dya
and the group perform which was quite eye opening. Amazing
to see how similar religious practices are across

There is certainly a lot more to Sikhism than meets the eye
and i am keen to learn more.

Here is when the Singh sisters are performing at

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Well on the very same day that Youtube was sold to Google; i joined Myspace.

I'm not anticipating spending a lot of time on it; just was interested to have a look. Indeed i was compelled coz i was lookign at a mates page and was told only members are allowed full access so now i am a member...

Ohhhh the dissappointment that both Nim and Nimja were taken!

Wait that just gave me an idea; Damn!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

To post a film!!

Yes! but will it work!! (resized at a later date!)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Old photo, but a photo nonetheless

Ok here is my very first image in this blog! It's just over a year old and the beauty of it is. It one, looks nothing like i look now and two makes an ordinarily gorgeous Darren look extraordinarily unnattractive!!
Those of you who know Darren will know just how true this is and those of you who know me now know i'm not in fact a natural blonde.
By the way; Daz was not as pissed as he looked and ya this was one of those times i forgot to adjust my flash intensity!
It's not the best pic around of me but it definitely is not the best pic of Darren! So yeah; sorry mate! ;)

Isn't contrast fabulous! Apparently
Darren disagrees...

Ok the formatting is pretty weak but it's image post one which is very exciting!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

First bit of Spam!!

Well how about that!?

Got my first bit of spam on this blog! Kinda exciting as it means that bots are beginning to find it. Kinda annoying also though; i have deleted it however, so sorry if anyone wanted to see it!

In news; the dog bonking has been cancelled as it would lead to xmas puppies and that would not suit my brother and his GF's plans!

I'm on school holidays; I'm on school holidays! Does not mean too much to me; mainly that i have no income for a week!