Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Another fine Rocket day!!!


CLick the above link for details!! I was holed up at home with no voice and a rather nasty temperature pretty much all weekend...

It was perhaps not helped by going to Happy Yess on Friday night, but i was glad i did: Shellie Morris was an absolute delight!! Also I was introduced to a brand new shooter by Toby at the Pub Bar later... Green Fairy Absynthe and Jaagermeister in a depth charge for Red Bull. Amazing how something as dangerous as a Jaagerbomb can be made even more volatile....

I was lucky to make it home alive and after some beer beforehand i was left feeling a little like i was in some sort of toxic shock... Perhaps in contrast to my usual clean living lifestyle! Last week in Gapuwiyak this week before a weekend in Katherine and a short trip to Perth next week!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Images from Gapuwiyak fair!!

Ok so it's not really a fair; but dudes turned up a little while ago in Gapuwiyak and brought rides and a jumping castle and even gave some of the older kids some work! This first image is Nola, Georgina and Anna.

Then there's Georgina, following Arthur Selene and Anna...

Above is Nola watching the excitement!

Below is Anna about to smile properly...

This is Anna and Nola enjoying the festivities...

And this is Arthur in action on the swinging chair ride!

Image post failure!! :(

Ok; so i finally get organised to download some images and post them here. Images of the Show here in Gapuwiyak; rides etcetera from about 2 months ago and Brisbane WoW Excursion from one month ago and my camera batteries seem to have gone narky!!

Most annoying! Seems like after a day of charging they go flat in 2 days of no use being in the camera... Not very convenient!

So Anna; yes i will post some images as soon as i can and will also endeavour to get ones from Maria too. Brisbane cats i will try to post those images asap too as soon as i can pry them from my camera!


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Happy Yess Article!!!

Well not only is the article posted; but it's on the front page for this month! Woo!!


How very exciting!! Makes it all worth while really. Apologies to Jus and Ingas; I just could not get hold of you guys on the blower!!


Article on theprogam.net.au

So the belly dancers ended up not needing me on the weekend and it was just as well because i could devote a little more time to losing the influenza that has been debilitating me of late. Mind you back in Gapuwiyak it seems to emerging once more; but it could be worse; it could be raining (thunder clouds are overhead)...

I will be sure to link here the URL of my feature article for the program.net.au about the wonderful darwin club the Happy Yess!! www.happyyess.com ...

Les and Reuben are out here doing music with the lower secondary kids so it will be good to see what they come up with for Friday's assembly. Anna (Brisbane) if you are reading this; i DID find some photos from the Show and there is indeed one of you and one of you and your mum! They were on my camera which has been reunited with its charged batteries after a long absence!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Feel like some historical reading!

This site has some awesome public domain texts!


I love stumbling upong things like this online!  Link to US one is there too!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Exciting belly dance gig!!

Exciting Belly dance gig in Darwin THIS SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!

So if you are in town come along to the Entertainment Centre on saturday night for some marvellous Belly dance performance!!


Monday, November 06, 2006

Back to Ramingining again!!

Well imagine my suprise when i turned up in Ramingining to find (a) a strange man living in the same house and (b)that said man was indeed Will Tinapple.

Very very funny! To be suddenly sharing a place with an old friend is quite a fun shock to receive! Especially after a weekend ill and at home in darwin it's good to know you're going to be staying with someone who you can be confident knows that "you are not always like this" !

Made it through half the day before i had to resort to cold and flu tablets to get me to the end of the day. Albeit i feel i am close to well again. Fingers crossed i will be 100% for the Belly Dance gig on the weekend! Been having some issues with uploading to this site; so fingers crossed this works!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hair brained travel plans!!!?? And of course Woodford!!

Wild horses could not stop me from going to Woodford!!!
When i get a venue i will put my times and locations here!!


If you had $650 to spend on airfares by the 13th of
december; how would you do it??

The trip needs to start in Darwin and end in Brisbane...

So far i have quashed via townsville and cairns because if
crappy connections...

Perth as a mid point is a good possibility. Adelaide would
be odd as it would involve a stop over in Brisbane!!
Melbourne? Hey maybe Dubbo!!

Oh there is a start date probably of Monday the 11th too;
kinda neglected to mention that!!