Monday, July 31, 2006

Superman's Secret!

Yes well i am sure many of you have seen "Superman Returns" if you have not you may wish to stop reading this post right now as it ay utterly ruin the film for you!

First of all i wanted to have my own 2c worth regarding Lois Lane. My opinion on the new Lois Lane has changed since the moments during and after seeing the film and now. You see i only started remembering how wonderful MArgot Kidder was in the weeks following seeing the new film. I have to come clean with yall and admit i was quite simply charmed by Kate Bosworth, both for the integrity with which she acted the role and for being quite simply totally gorgeous! All the criticisms of her being too young could not dent my support for her in the hours following my viewing of the film but with a few more days to think about it i have come around and agree.

Margot Kidder (those who have not seen the original Superman; shame on you; get it and watch it today!) has the journalist thing down pat. She's gritty, gutsy and sexy; but certainly not in any sanitised way. Amazing to think that this film was made in 1978; indeed i think i had better see it again in case my memory is playing tricks and she is not as good as i thought!

Without further adeiu however let me reveal my secret!! Kryptonite is actually Peppermint Crisp!! That's right; the man of steel is actually highly susceptibe to something any one of us can buy for under $2 from any shop or service station in the country!! Thankfully Lex Luthor did not catch on or the #%$ would really hit the fan! I have been suffering cravings ever since seeing the flick almost a month ago and have not yet had a chance to satisfy them... here's hoping i can buy one in the Gapuwiyak store! Overall however i did love this new superman. The decisions the director made regarding plot and dialogue were good and i think it will lend nicely to a sequel. Brandon Routh's similarity to Christopher Reeve is almost spooky.

Final word; while Superman Returns does not come close to matching the greatest sequel ever made, "Aliens" it does well and similar to Cameron's film makes a great statement all on its own without relying too heavily on the old flick. Mind you there were only seven years between the Alien films and 28 between the Superman's, which shows how strong a part of Film culture the original Superman was/is; all the more reason to get it and see it right now!

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