Sunday, December 17, 2006

Adrienne Shelly! :(

Just heard the news that Adrienne Shelly from the films
"The Unbelievable Truth" and "Trust" by Hal Hartley - was
murdered last month!

How very sad; and just as her film was due to screen at

Apparently a 19 year old construction worker killed her
over an arguement to do with building noises when she
threatened to call the Police. All the comments i have
read about it call it a senseless murder and want the guy
to rot.

No one seems to realise that this young fellow was probably
fearing for his life and or his livelihood. A call to the
police was for him deportation or perhaps in his mind; his
death. Very sad indeed!

My thoughts are with Adrienne's husband and child and also
with this poor boy who has extinguished a real delight of
independant cinema. And he will probably never see any of
her films.

There is an interview with here:


AS: There's something Kierkegaard writes about, in a
similar vein. Don't make plans for the future without
adding the phrase "However, I might be dead in the next 10
minutes, in which case I shall not attend to it."

This was in August; three months before her death; spooky!

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sung Hee!!

Isn't internet amazing!!  Just randomly caught up with Sung who i met at Mt Ebeneezer Roadhouse near the rock!!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Perth but why!??

I am wondering why when i finally manage to get some time off from work i am hopping on a plane again to go to Perth!!

Some good people to meet up with there, but also, by going away again i managed to miss some work at the Entertainment Centre. Poor Chris keeps calling me and i am just about to leave town! Hopefully one time he calls i will actually be available to work!

My bro got me an iPod for my birthday recently and i have joined the revolution in spite of resisting for so long. I won't be someone walking the streets listening to one but i will find it very useful when i am travelling and away from computer and music collections! He did well really finding something i did not think i needed that i will now find very useful!

Amazing how sad all my cds are looking i think they have been against a wall that has been getting sun! OUCH!

So now i am mass converting to mp4 and loading em all onto my iPod; all i need now is some decent small speakers!!