Monday, July 31, 2006

Superman's Secret!

Yes well i am sure many of you have seen "Superman Returns" if you have not you may wish to stop reading this post right now as it ay utterly ruin the film for you!

First of all i wanted to have my own 2c worth regarding Lois Lane. My opinion on the new Lois Lane has changed since the moments during and after seeing the film and now. You see i only started remembering how wonderful MArgot Kidder was in the weeks following seeing the new film. I have to come clean with yall and admit i was quite simply charmed by Kate Bosworth, both for the integrity with which she acted the role and for being quite simply totally gorgeous! All the criticisms of her being too young could not dent my support for her in the hours following my viewing of the film but with a few more days to think about it i have come around and agree.

Margot Kidder (those who have not seen the original Superman; shame on you; get it and watch it today!) has the journalist thing down pat. She's gritty, gutsy and sexy; but certainly not in any sanitised way. Amazing to think that this film was made in 1978; indeed i think i had better see it again in case my memory is playing tricks and she is not as good as i thought!

Without further adeiu however let me reveal my secret!! Kryptonite is actually Peppermint Crisp!! That's right; the man of steel is actually highly susceptibe to something any one of us can buy for under $2 from any shop or service station in the country!! Thankfully Lex Luthor did not catch on or the #%$ would really hit the fan! I have been suffering cravings ever since seeing the flick almost a month ago and have not yet had a chance to satisfy them... here's hoping i can buy one in the Gapuwiyak store! Overall however i did love this new superman. The decisions the director made regarding plot and dialogue were good and i think it will lend nicely to a sequel. Brandon Routh's similarity to Christopher Reeve is almost spooky.

Final word; while Superman Returns does not come close to matching the greatest sequel ever made, "Aliens" it does well and similar to Cameron's film makes a great statement all on its own without relying too heavily on the old flick. Mind you there were only seven years between the Alien films and 28 between the Superman's, which shows how strong a part of Film culture the original Superman was/is; all the more reason to get it and see it right now!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Back to Gapuwiyak...

back at Gapuwiyak!  Straight back into it; the kid's yesterday came up with a new nickname for me.  It may have been the orange shirt.  I seem to have attracted the nickname; "teabag"...
Thankfully it did not carry through to today; may have been a comment on my body shape too! Ouch!  Kids notice everything it's quite amazing some times.  The kids here are very good at this.  These guys will know who someone is at 200metres.  Someone new here is noticed and everyone knows about them within minutes as word spreads around.  It's kind of nice; you meet people you have never met before and they know how long you have been there and what you have been doing.  Who's son or daughter or their niece that you were teaching.  Before long you begin to undertsand these links yourself.  I feel like i belong here!



Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Odd things u find when searching for Nim!

Speedy transportation and other refinements!'s about time we had some refinements on this site...

This site provides information about darwin Rocket Car Day; which sounds like it could be very exciting indeed!  For those of you who can be in Darwin in August.  Also the Darwin Festival programme has been released!  Quite a few must sees there.  Four i can recommend immediately are "Broads" with Deborah Conway, Kate Miller-Heideke and others.  Tripod; of course; giggle city.  The Music NT showcase; which was one of my favourite groups to work with on last years festival!!  And finally Claire Bowditch; who had a MASSIVE backline setup at WOMAD this year; but was worth every single bit of the effort assembling it; lovely sound!  Obviously there are more highlights; but these 4 excited me on the very first glance; although some would claim i am easily excited...

Speaking of which... In perparation for the sale of her old faithful 650 Myf and I have been goin on motorcycle rides around Darwin.  Me on old old faithful and Myf on her spanking new sexy red ducati monster!!  Now it must be said at this time that i have never before liked monsters; something about there chunky raw styling...  This one however is definitely the shit; and i am sure once Myf has done the customary "riding in"; will go like stink!!

is the model and this image does not do it justice one because of the angle and two because it looks so sterile.

is slightly better as it shows some of the crazy engineering on that side.  Myf's is the colour of the first one i believe.  Neither  image shows the off centre racing stripe Myf is so fond of either.  remind me and one day i will actually post some images of my own.

For those of you who have seen Myf in action and thought that the old faithful 650 suited her need to see this new mean machine as the contrast is quite startling.  To me it seems like a missing part to a puzzle; this bike suits Myf from the ground up.  The new monster is long, sleek and elegant; indeed a lot like the woman herself!

A few days ago Gehan took up the baton did some hamstring stretches and jumped on the back for the maiden voyage of a pillion!!  The  results were as follows...  He was suprised at the comfort level.  Myf was disgusted at the loss of handling and overall discomfort of two upping on the machine.  So it seems it was really built for one person; however it was good to know that 1. Gehan could physically ride on the back of the bike without seizing his knees up and 2. that the bike was virtually rideable with this unusual maidenhead!

Lots of fun riding around bikes with 2 or more people.  Although looks like our sceduled ride to Litchfield today has been canned in order to prepare the house for the arrival of Myf's mum tomorrow...  Old faithful has been growing on me the more i ride it; but in truth it's nothing like the machines i have had before or i see myself owning in the future!

TS 185

This was my first bike and the 650 does bear some relation...

RG 250

my second bike was much much faster.  If i had not sold this one when i did i would probably not be alive today...

CB 900 Bol Dor

got this one when i was recovering from a push bike accident in which i lost 7.5 teeth!


This was my second attempt at  bike to ride  to Brisbane;  more comfortable than the Bol Dor but nothing on the one i got next!  The owner before me had knocked out the baffles which made this bike VERY loud;  also sometimes it would shoot flames out the exhaust;  most terrifying for my pillion passengers...


This bad boy had a stereo that was even louder than the bike!!  Cruising does not get much more comfortable than this!!  It also had spot lights which had a tendency to send the battery flat.  When i did the head gasket on this machine in North Queensland my right calf was drenched in warm engine oil... Once rebuilt however this bike was quite simply a dream!!

XV 1000!.jpg

Ok this may have been a little hiccup!  But hey i simply could not resist this bike for $600.  It was dead within a week...  In that time it managed to be pushed maybe 5 times and give a serious second degree burn to Kelle Young's calf...

for those of you in Radelaide may or may not be the same Kelle's art exhibition...


Ok i have been thinking about getting one of these for a very long time...  maybe it's finally time!!

In other news;  This recipie popped up in a google ad.  Very very odd!

Also i made a Rum and Coke roast the other night loosely following the instructions of Curtis and Bender from "Surfing the Menu"  It was compelling and if anyone is interested let me know and i will post what i did and what i remember the duo actually saying to do...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Firefly reminiscing!

Jaynes Theme (was sung somewhere in series two of Firefly i think)

The Man called Jayne!

Oh, he robbed from the rich and he gave to the poor.
Stood up to the man and gave him what for.
Our love for him now is not hard to explain.
The hero of Canton a man they called Jayne.

Our Jayne he saw the mudders' backs breakin.
He saw all the mudders' lament.
And he saw the Magistrate takin,
every dollar and leavin five cents.
So he said: "You can't do that to my people",
said, "You can;t crush them under your heel."
So Jayne strapped on his hat
and in 5 seconds flat
stole everything Boss Higgins had to steal.

Oh, he robbed from the rich and he gave to the poor.
Stood up to the man and gave him what for.
Our love for him now is not hard to explain.
The hero of Canton a man they called Jayne.

Now here is what seperates heroes
from common folk like you and I.
The man they called Jayne
he turned round his plane
and let that money hit the sky.

He dropped it onto our houses
he dropped it into our yards.
The man they called Jayne
he stole away our pain
and headed out for the stars!


NB i think the words are "is not" rather than "ain't" hard to explain; simply as the cadence seems to fit right. I will try to find that episode again; watch it and make sure this is correct!