Friday, May 04, 2012

Review; The Darkness, Australian Tour opener: Brisbane 4 May

The Darkness began their Australian tour tonight and they did not disappoint!

The Eaton's Hill Hotel in Brisbane's North was the venue and it's a
well built little venue that will have INXS in June and has hosted
Marylin Manson and other world class acts. I have been trying to get
out to this venue for quite a while and it was well worth the trip.

I must first admit that I knew nothing about this band and was
certainly not a fan before attending tonight. Afterwards, I am
wondering why I've been living under a rock as this band quite simply
rocks out! The solid start to their tour bodes very well for the rest
of the country and as I looked around me I saw hundreds of grinning,
happy faces!

Justin Hawkins screaming vocals for me brought back memories of Bon
Scott from AC/DC and Axel Rose from Guns and Roses; but in truth he
makes his own statement. As a front man he is tirelessl jumping all
over the stage and at one point doing a handstand for a good minute or
so. I can't understand how a man can sing after doing that. The
only act I have seen that impressed me more with music and physicality
would be Shenzo's Stunt Orchestra out of Brisbane, but that's a
completely different genre. The Darkness is Glam Rock returning for
the Y Generation (and the oldies too)! :)

This band works very well together, though I was a little disappointed
to not see the drummer lit very well as he was a powerful driving
force to their sound. Perhaps he likes the darkness. ;) The lighting
otherwise was great and the overall mood and feel of the show was
reminiscent of great bands of the 80s and 90s. I was impressed that
Justin managed so many costume changes in the steamy room The Darkness
performed in.

The Eatons Hill Hotel gets 4 stars. The Darkness 4.5

Nim Jayawardhana for Artshub


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