Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Musings on public transport and netspeak...

I had an ex GF who in one of her first emails said "You made me laugh
out loud". It was a statement that she was surprised and pleased I
had touched her funny bone so deeply with words... It's a cliche now
in modern society. LOL is what people say for anything that they find
slightly funny. Actually laughing out loud happens a lot less than
how often people say LOL.

I should write a thesis on it; relating it to the degrading both of
language and human communication!

It's funny I catch the bus and deplore the way people put on their
headphones and ignore everyone.

I read a book but I am always listening and aware I try to read cues
of where I am; if someone is lost I will try my best to help them.
But then today it was a full bus and I noticed a girl across from me
reading. When someone sat right next to her she put the book away
like it was rude to read while someone was right next to you; but then
she had no desire to talk to her either so I am not sure why she
bothered. Am I rude to read on the bus? Maybe I am just as bad as
the pesky iPodders!!! and iPadders!!!

I feel like people isolate themselves in their musical utopiae.

I feel I am different with my books my eyes are in but my ears and
mind is open. I am both absent and totally present. I believe it's a