Saturday, June 14, 2008


Well it looks like this old blog may be getting some loving again!

I am joining the ranks of Teachers who are not working as teachers in this country!

I feel like a bit of a failure as I promised myself I would stay here in Kalkaringi for 2 years minimum and now after one year and 10 weeks I am off...

The thing is it really was a lot tougher than I had any idea it would be.  Quite odd as I have been working in communities for so many years (around 7).  Living somewhere full time is really very different.  Guess it's like the difference between baby sitting and having your own child.  When you are living somewhere you are just there and sometimes there realy is nowhere to go to escape.

So many people out here have been such a great support and a joy to be around it is a real shame to be leaving them all behind, but it was quite simply time to go...

I hate how the students here have to constantly deal with changing Teachers and my main reason for wanting to stay was this issue.  Ultimately I am afraid I was simply not doing my job as well I should have been as the challenge of actually being here was a burden that was really proving to be too much.

At the start of this year I moved out here with my beloved Ayesha and our puppy "Crumbs" , who I retagged "Anil Crumble~ " .  A new relationship in a remote place is an added challenge and in truth I failed miserably in realising that Ayesha was actually coping a lot better with being here than I thought...  We both had some tough times, but ultimately I was worrying about her way more than I needed to be.

She's a bloody amazing person and I am so pleased she chose me to spend her time with!  So now we are off with firm plans to come back as soon as we hear about a new position which will be coming up here.

I am excited about being free to travel again, but not overjoyed about having to freelance again...

At least this blog will be able to live up to it's title of: "Is there a Nim in your town tonight?" .  For a year that has only been able to be a yes if you lived in Kalkaringi pretty much!

In the next two months Ayesha and I will be in Hobart, Launceston and Darwin; woo!!

I will then be headin to Melbourne for a feature film with Quito Washington and Tanya Walker!!  Ayesha will be in Canberra trying her hand at "public slaving" as she loves to call it.  That is being a public servant.   Will she want to come back to living out bush with me after a month or two of this luxury!?

Enough said...

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Gmail Error #102

Written by: J. Phil on Monday, April 28th, 2008
Posted to: Gmail
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A few months ago we discussed an issue where Gmail might occasionally (or if you are really unlucky, constantly) cough up an “Oops…” error when you try to sign in, or even when doing something like sending an email.

error 102 - oops the system has encountered a problem

Google doesn’t really have any way for its users to contact them directly, so they hope that, if they keep their reference guides and support sites as current as possible, their users will be able to help themselves. In most cases users do in fact find the information they are looking for.

This seems to be the case with our error #102, between the time we reported the issue happening and now, Google included it in their handy troubleshooting tool. There are other ways you can get to parts of this page, but I recommend bookmarking the link because most Gmail questions and problems are listed here in a very logical fashion.

For example, let’s find oops error #102. Go to Signing In and Loading > I get an error when I try to sign in > Oops > and the 102 radio button.

________________end of article from other website

!!! I fixed it by using https ; odd very odd! Nim