Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Myspace versus Facebook!

The internet profile site war has begun!!  Myspace shows itself to be pretty clunky in comparison to Facebook.  However, as much of Facebook is third party powered, one has to wonder what these cats are doing with all the personal information you are giving them!  What's more is that you don't know how secure their databases are that store your info!

Do i sound paranoid?  Maybe that's one of the prices of watching the internet grow up...  Kids today are utterly fearless of the internet.  I applaud lack of fear, but it can also open you up to some very nasty things indeed...

Facebook automates a lot of stuff even going through your address books on webmail (if you give them your password {which they assure you they will use only this once!});  this at first makes it seem like an extremely powerful tool.  I found two guys from my school within 20 mins; and that sort of stuff is pretty marvellous.  What concerns me - apart from damn spellers trying to correct how i (properly) spell marvellous- is that Facebook thinks it's so smart by only allowing you to make a profile from a "real email address"; when in fact anyone could get an email address calling themselves anything and then therefore have a Facebook identity of their own heinous creation.   Hardly fool proof is it!?

Monday, August 20, 2007

Bands first gig!!

Ok so i have not been the most committed of Bloggers and many of my regular readers have probably had to resort to other activities like - heaven forbid! - reading books!

On that note i am about 120 pages from the End of the final Harry Potter...  Woo!!

Ok all you writers out there!  The challenge is to write the next global children's book smash hit, but this time make it a little less pedestrian!!

So  yeeas, full time work.  The bane of blogging and generally nerding in all it's fantastic forms...  I have managed to be a bit of a nerd at work fixing computers and stuff, but let's face it; there  just is not enough time to really nerd it up!

But the good news is...  some of the other cats here and I have formed a band.  And our first gig is this Friday as part of Freedom Day at Kalkaringi.  Thus far we are doing covers and have eight.  I have asked if we can come up with an original or two for our next gig which will be at the Top Springs pub in 2 weeks (or was it 3)...  I guess how we go in our first and second gig the night straight after may determine our future as a group.  Of course the other thing is to come up with a cool name...  or at the very least a "not crap" name...   WATCH THIS SPACE!!!