Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My new webpage!!

Ok; it's up! Not sure when i will actually update it; but it's there nimja.com.au is go!!!

It's very exciting! So far it does not look very good. But them's the breaks. It's time will come, but not yet, not yet...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

random chats!

So I'm sitting here in Bris-Vegas and i start hearing the popping noises of Skype chats. It's my Aunt in USA trying to get in touch with my Mum. After some confusion in which i explain why i am logged into skype as my mum (it autoloads that way on her computer) we had a great chat and she revealed that her son's websites are ruvan.com and illerfiller.com ...

Check em out; he's a photographer in NY!!

Amazing how that happens hey!? We get teased as kids coz of our odd names; then we end up getting the coolest web addresses... mine will be coming soon!!!

In case you were wondering...

For people who are lazy and instantaneously want to time in the US a nf Greenwich and indeed where u are i recommend the below site!


Vegas!! For a limited time only!


I am in Bris Vegas! Limited time only. So if you are too; let's catch up! If you're in sunny darwin (it's raining there isn;t it woops); I may even be there for easter before i take off for a very long absence. I need to look at ticket options now. Failing a change in tickets i will be in Darwin from Tue the 10th (i think) so do call!!