Saturday, January 27, 2007

Return from the Bush!


I have returned from Harts Range!! In Alice for a few days then back to rainy Darwin...

Mind you it's been pretty rainy Alice!!! Indeed i had the pleasure of seein the Todd River flow! Woo!! But i will write more later!


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

People in glasshouses shouldn't throw stones?

In regard to Glasshouse canning. Yes it sucks. But the ABC has been a left wing icon/ institution for so long it really is about balance; mind you I'm yet to see anyone emerge from the right who can make an entertaining show or with a sense of humour: Although some consider question time comedy. The balanced nature of the last episode was admirable and I guess they were always trying to bag out all sides of politics equally.

I just hope that the ABC board has some new up and coming young Liberal to do a comedy show because the glass house was great entertainment. If it was canned and nothing takes its place it would be most annoying. Hail I miss Backberner! Wierd really... Is Political satire like some malicious manifestation of the tall poppy syndrome; that will by its very nature be making fun of the government? Does that make it seditious; does that make it biased!? Or is that just how it is and what makes it funny?