Sunday, August 27, 2006

BringOuttheJam on the ABC this weekend

Hey Guys!

Ok This is kinda exciting!! I was the gaffer (Head
lighting) for this short film as well as being Dolly Grip
(not credited) so it's kinda cool that it's going to be on
tv and everything!! Jon Robins was Best Boy and set up a
lot of the lights; particularly in the theatre at CDU. How
odd the timing of this as i worked with him this week at
the Entertainment Centre and had not seen him for over a

Oh my gosh!! Just re-read Will's email and realised it was
last night!! Well afternoon anyway. Woopsy!! Did anyone
see it!??

I think i will go and bash my head against a wall now.

have a great week!

xo Nim

PS happy Birthday Zed. Ferg the morphs were hilarious!

--- "Will T (FS)" <will> wrote:

> Hey yews mob!
> So much for fame and fortune - the ABC gave us 3 Tim
> Tams and an
> iced coffee and a couple of postcards from Aunty,
> but.....managed to
> get our mini-doco/musicky thing called "Bring on the Jam"
> about
> Jack's band Jigsaw on the ABC this Sun 27th of Aug at
> 3:25pm.
> Will sign autographs if you make me coffee.
> Will
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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Off again! & Happy birthday Dave!

Happy birthday Dave!!  Sorry i missed the party; but ya well you have the same illness now i think so u will probably undersatnd my absence...

Well such important thing like learning finally how to post an image and putting Dave and Andy on my links list will just have to wait i'm afraid!

Found some people who needed a lift to Kalkaringi and seeing as i could find nobody to go with it worked out totally perfect!!

So ya more later; why am i going there do u ask!?

Where is it?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Mr Big review is up!

Mr Big !

Mr Big

If you're in Darwin go see it! I will include a link to my review online when it's up!

Mr Big; a Tracks Dance Production, Shell Darwin Terminal, 38 McMinn St, Darwin City. Fri 11- Sun 13 and Wed 16- Sun 20 August at 7pm.
Fri 18 and Sat 19th 9pm also. $25 Full / $22 friends / $15 Concession and all tix 16th.

The official web site for the show is at...

Also was fortunate enough to see "Keating! The Musical".

What a wonderful gig!! Fantastic singing and a HOT band; coupled with a belly laugh eliciting script! Some of Paul's more ingenious quote worked in and pretty much all the major players of his time are charicatured hilariously.

Check local guides and see it if it comes to a town anywhere near you!!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Return to Darwin!

Well i'm back in time to be a small part behind the scenes of the Telstra
Art Awards! It's all very exciting and i am wondering if i will get to be
in the paper like that image at the start of Jerry Maguire... I love that!
Watch this space!! Also on the cards in the nxt few days; actually making
the links on this page work!! Woo!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Superman Errata

Oooh dear!

I swear i'm not on drugs!! Somehow i managed to completely forget the other
3 superman films!! Only two of which i have seen incidentally... Superman
II, III and IV.

Indeed informs me that the working title for Superman Returns
was indeed Superman V (well one of it's working titles...) .

In case you are wondering; here are the dates...

Superman 1978.
Superman II 1980.
Superman III 1983.
Superman IV 1987.

So ya; looks like i have some homework to do!! I can feel a video night
coming on!! Maybe next saturday night for those of you in Darwin!!