Friday, August 22, 2008

This from Nine MSN News!!

Smell is the key to choosing a romantic partner

Monday, August 18, 2008
Monday, August 18, 2008

Forget fatal attraction, smell is the most important characteristic for a woman choosing a romantic partner, says Rachel Herz, an expert on the psychology of smell and author of The Scent
of Desire: Discovering our Enigmatic Sense of Smell

Since at least the time of the Egyptians, we have been adorning ourselves with scent for the purpose of attraction. Men and women differ in terms of how much of a role scent plays in their sexual attraction towards one another.

For heterosexual women, it turns out to be the number-one physical factor, as well as the most important social factor, aside from pleasantness. And this isn't about avoiding a man who smells 'bad', but rather about being especially attracted to a man who smells 'good'.

The specific fragrances a woman will be most attracted to have to do with her own personal and cultural history with the scent and its constituents — so unfortunately, there is no magic-bullet formula for creating the next super hit men's cologne!

In surveys men ranked how a woman smells as second in importance to how she looks and more important than how her voice sounds or how her skin feels.

Body chemistry plays a large role in terms of whom we are sexually attracted to and our noses speak loudly to our souls. All of us, and women in particular, end up relying quite deeply on our noses for some of the most fundamental decisions in our lives; in particular, who we choose to have children with.

The sense of a lover being 'right' or 'wrong' for you may feel like intuition, but it is real — and your nose knows it. There is something very important and biologically sound going on when a woman finds a man's smell delicious or distasteful.

Women are also very attracted by artificial fragrance and a man can mask his natural body odour with fragrance and lure biologically compatible women to him that way.

A woman's sense of smell is better than a man's, but only during those few days within a woman's monthly cycle when conception is possible. It's no accident that a woman's greatest nasal acuity coincides with the fleeting days of maximum fertility — the time when it is most important for her to sense out the best biological mate.

So if you think I smell bad I may not be the one for you!  Nim

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Interesting story read when you have time! Pass on or not as you see fit!


This was sent to me as a chain letter and I bloody hate them!  At the bottom is a message from the Dalai Llama.  People who turn these wonderful words and stories into supersitious and scary ways to make people pass them on are abusing the beauty of the stories in the first place.  So join my crusade!  If you really like a forward you're sent but it has a caveat something like " Forward this to 28 people in 3 minutes or your babies will be born shapeless slugs and you will never find a good park in a supermarket ever again".  Simply delete the supersitious nonsense and send it to who you wish when you wish!! 

The Dalai Llama does not sit in Dharamsala with a whole lot of disciples around him manufacturing these chain emails to send off to people around the world to get good karma if they forward it on and have a stuffed life if they don't; PLEASE!  :)

The Dalai Llama believes in universal happiness for all beings.  That just is not consistent with it!  He may want his messages to be passed around to whoever will read them but  I don;t think he would ever link consequences to people who don't pass them on...

The messages in this one are good I especially like:  Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon!

and :  Don't let a little dispute ruin a great relationship!

Sorry if you have received this before.  Forward it or don't forward it as you like.  If you take some of what is said to heart it will improve your life drastically whether you forward it on or not.  If the chain mail demons are real I'm finished anyway coz I usually never  forward these!  And oh my god I deleted the section that says what happens if you don;t forward it before a certain time.  If you are superstitious don;t worry, coz I will take the heat anyway!  lol.  Maybe I should now record a Pauline Hanson style eulogy video....

Have a fantastic weekend and I hope 08 is going great for you!

xo  Nim

PS The first part below is quite odd because I am sure most people who forward this on have no idea who Claire is or where this story comes from.  It's so odd a story though I am sure it must be true!  ;)

To all my beautiful friends,
about a month ago my neighbour died.  it was sudden and unexpected.  we were all shocked and deeply saddened.  I live next door to a group of disabled people, they are the best neighbours i have ever had...especially Frank who passed away.  Frank had cerebral palsy, he was a remarkable man and very loved by the people that knew him well.  Frank overcame incredible hardship in his life, every morning he was up early..collecting cans, and together with some of the other guys would spend a big part of the day squashing the cans and banging them out with a hammer.  The noise just about sent me crazy when it first started, but after a while it just became part of the background noise...we didn't even notice it anymore, people visiting would say "what the hell is the sound...doesn't it annoy you". 
Frank would play his music really loud...i suppose it had to be loud so he could hear it above the din. Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, an assortment of odd pop music from years ago, and Rodney Rude (god I couldn't stand that!) day he had Slim Dusty on so loud, it just about drove me crazy so I put on Missy Higgins mega loud to drown out Slim Dusty..ha ha ha I had finally gotten rid of that sound! 
Frank had taken it on himself to regularly look after our dog, Dusty, we would often be driving along to see Frank miles from home with Dusty walking next to him.  I recently found out that many times Dusty got to go to the pub..Frank loved to have a drink.  He always had some beers stashed in his room next door, and when the carers once banned him from drinking he came around to ask Tom to buy him a carton and stash it at our place...Tom of course obliged!  Frank, along with Shane (Frank's housemate with down syndrome) would often drop in to say hi, and sometimes have a beer with Tom. 
The day before Frank died, Rhela and I noticed that the music coming from next door was this really happy pop music and it cracked us both matter what music Frank was playing it was always somehow cheerful...even if it sent me crazy.  The day that Frank died Rhela noticed an ambulance next door and warned me..within hours we had the news..the carer and all the guys from next door came over to tell us.  Frank's friend Shane has been particulary lost, he spent so much time with Frank...Frank was a leader in the house, the other guys seemed to look up to him.  On the day of the funeral, it was pissing down with rain, when we had to walk behind the hearse all of a sudden the sun shone and the sky turned a beautiful blue.  during the service we learnt that Frank had been institutionalised at the age of 12 when his father had died, and his brothers had been adopted out.  7 years ago his brothers had come looking for him, and it had changed  his life..he was so happy to have found his family again. Frank had lived for a couple of years on his own in a flat...he was so determined to have a normal life. Every week up until he died he travelled over an hour on public transport to take his old friend Charlie out for a drink at the Armidale pub.  Charlie was blind and disabled. Bob Marley's "Buffalo Soldier" was the song played for Frank at his funeral. When the song came on I looked out the window and saw the most beautiful big rainbow...Frank had found his freedom.
So now its so quiet in our street, the music from next door has gone.  We no longer hear the sound of banging.  when on occasion we hear the banging we feel happy...immediately after Frank's death, Shane had said "no FRank, no cans".  occasionally Shane and the other guys will have a go at doing the cans again, but its not often. When I told Tom the news, he said he had been getting a strong feeling to drop in to see Frank in the last couple of weeks, but had been busy so had not seen him.  Tom felt sad about that. I felt compelled to write about this for a while, and when I received the message from the Dalai Lama from my friend Clara, I knew it was time.  Because of the cerebral palsy it was hard to understand Frank, but he was very patient.  I was talking to one of the carers this morning and he was telling me that it is such a privilege to work with people with disabilities..often what they have to share is quite something.  Living next door to Frank has taught me a lot...and i feel so grateful for the experience.  I remember hearing Osho say that when a person is born or dies the whole energy of the planet is changed forever!  I especially have learnt how valuable it is to look out for and listen to those that our society has rendered invisible.
thanks for you heaps, claire xxx



Here's the

 Good karma.  These were words from the Dalai Lama.